Sunday, November 3, 2013

My new this before you read any of my blogs!!

I've found that I really enjoy writing, so much so that I want to share more than what I write with/for my basset rescue. Here I am starting my very own blog to share my views on rescue, basset hounds and life in general. I always write from my heart and will tell you all like it can trust in that.

If you don't know me, I volunteer for ABC Basset Rescue in NY. I have been volunteering with the group for only a short time...since May of 2012. In this time, I have been the volunteer coordinator and am currently am the Marketing/Follow-up Coordinator. The Marketing/Follow-up position is really where I am meant to be. I enjoy doing it very much. I also write for the group's blog and write the Perfect Match Monday stories that are posted on the ABC Facebook page every week. I volunteer some my time to help out with The Slobber Shoppe (the groups online store at and any event that I can; including the ABC Golf Tournament and our annual Basset Blast. My husband, John and I, have fostered 10 basset hounds since April of 2012. John is ABC's Intake Coordinator as well and I help him out with that where and when I can. I am not bragging by any means and I don't mean for it to sound like I am. I am just sharing those things that I try to help out with. I have made a choice to use some of my time to help ABC. I don't get paid any money nor would I take money (a volunteer position is just that...volunteer). My pay is the happy stories of bassets enjoying their forever homes and the smiles on the faces of their parents when they come home to be greeted by a grateful hound.

John and I have 3 rescued basset hounds that we have adopted in the last year. Cooper is our 3 year old red & white hound, Charlie is our grumpy 8 year old hound and Pumpkin is our 2 year old basset mix (we think she's about 1/4 basset hound lol).

I want everyone who reads this blog to read the following statement I have prepared to make sure there is NO CONFUSION.

My Official Disclaimer: The views, ideas and opinions expressed in this blog are mine and mine alone. They do not reflect the official policy or position of any rescue group including but not limited to ABC Basset Rescue. What I write is that of my own and will always be such. If you have a problem and/or disagree with what I've written here that issue is solely with me. A complaint can be filed in duplicate to my home address or personal email account. Thank you.

I hope that you enjoy my blog and that I have time to post something at least a couple times a month. We will see how that works out. For now, I have a couple things to say....

Update: I encourage everyone who reads this blog to comment here or on my Facebook page (if we're Facebook friends), but I will NOT stand for negativity or slander against ABC Basset Rescue, any other rescue or any individual for that matter. I enjoy good, positive feedback and conversations. Discussions of any kind are good, but if you leave a negative comment it may be deleted promptly. I will not hesitate to unfriend you on Facebook either. Thank you!!

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