Wednesday, November 6, 2013

So you write a blog? So what?

I started this blog because I felt there was a need for people in the basset rescue world to hear what I have to say. I also started it because there are people out there writing their own blogs and saying whatever they please, so why couldn't I? So here I am only a few days into it and have over 400 views on my measly 3 blogs. I've had lots of feedback from all over the country. So, I guess I am saying some things that resonate with the basset rescue community?!?!

I feel like I can say the things that I say here BECAUSE I volunteer for a basset rescue (ABC Basset rescue). I am the marketing/follow-up coordinator for the group. I am as involved with the rescue as I can be. Why? I think the work that ABC does is something that I can stand behind. It is important to me to help homeless hounds. I enjoy the other people who volunteer for the rescue. I like the community that I've found through the rescue. I love the dogs!! I get to see the hounds come into rescue, be taken care of and then be adopted to loving homes. I follow as many of their stories as I can. Not only is it part of my rescue "job", it is something I enjoy doing. How could I not when you see things like this?

Austin (the A-man) before....and after....

I've always thought that my time is more important than anything that I have. Let's face it...we are only here in this world for a certain amount of time. I've seen many people leave this world too soon. It  really doesn't matter what we have or the money we can buy things with. It really comes down to that time we have here to do something...whatever that something may be. My time is very precious to me.

That being said, I don't waste my time on stuff that doesn't matter to me. I don't waste it on writing a blog that is unimportant and is just a bunch of crap. I don't sit at my computer ALL day and bash rescue groups, talk shit about other people and/or complain about EVERYTHING that isn't what I agree with. I have more important things to do in my life. I'm not saying the world of rescue is perfect, but why dwell on all the things that are wrong? I would never waste my time on that kind of negativity.

Yes, yes...I do have other things in my life that take up my time too. There are things that I HAVE TO do like work, chores, taking care of my "kids" (those are my 3 hounds for those who don't know) and those other things we all hate doing, but gotta. There are also other things that I chose to do as well, like the band (that's "my band" Pucker, the one that John sings lead vocals for), hanging out with the important people in my life (my friends and my family) and all those other little things I enjoy.

I write this blog because I have the time to use on it and I enjoy it, but I ALSO have time to volunteer with my rescue group. I wouldn't use this "blog time" instead of helping out in the real world. I wouldn't pass up sending emails to adopters to find out what's new with the bassets they've adopted. I wouldn't pass up making brochures or flyers to help get new foster homes and volunteers. I wouldn't pass up helping with the Slobber Shoppe or going to do a home check. I wouldn't pass on calling shelters to spring a basset in need. This blog would be set aside to drive to, well anywhere, to pick up a basset who needed a lift.

I wouldn't chose this blog over ACTUALLY going out and doing things to help. It's about doing, not about talking about it. There are people out there who do though. People who write stuff instead of doing it. It is just crazy to me that someone can sit back and say negative things and don't get their hands dirty. How can you write about things when you're not involved in them? And if you ONCE were involved in a rescue and you had a bad experience, well then why haven't you found another rescue to volunteer for or why haven't you started your own rescue (see my second blog on this topic)?

What I want to say here is....get off your ass and help out!!! Go to your local basset rescue (if bassets are your love; if not there are other rescues out there that could use a hand just as much!!) and fill out an application to help out ( Bring a basset into your home to foster until a good home is found for them. Use some of your precious time to drive a basset or work a function or write some emails or help one of the coordinators that needs a hand. Organize a fundraiser or even go out and tell people about your rescue. DO SOMETHING!!

Now, I've been asked how I find the time to do the things that I do to help out ABC. I just do!! When you're as passionate as I am about this thing that I find the time. I think everyone who is really involved in rescue knows what I'm saying here.  You chose to use your precious time to do "rescue work". Somehow it just make it happen when you love what you're doing so much.

I encourage everyone to have something that makes them feel the way that I feel about basset rescue. It doesn't matter what it is; if it is important to you and you feel that passion for it...for heaven's sake, go out and do it. Do it before you run out of time. Do those things that make you feel like you are helping. Those things that make you feel good. That you can be proud of. No matter what it may be for you. That one thing for me is this world of basset rescue. What is it for you?

So you write a blog? So what? Anyone can do that, but not everyone will get up off that couch, away from that computer and volunteer for that rescue in your area or go out and do the things that you're writing about. That is something that will make you feel more fulfilled than any blog can....ever.

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